Make Everyday Dressing A Special Occasion

Make Everyday Dressing A Special Occasion.

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How It Works

Fabric Selection

Bowties By Brunson are handcrafted from fabrics selected from local vendors. Customers may also mail in pieces of fabric that they want made into a bowtie. At least 1/2 a yard of fabric is needed. 


The selected fabric is then cut and prepared, sewn together and labeled. This process takes about 1 hour per bowtie, to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. 

Shipping and Delivery

Once the product is packaged and labeled, each bowtie is sent within a week's timeframe. Now you can add the selected bowtie to your everyday wardrobe and set yourself apart from people that dress normally everyday. 

Don't Know How To Tie A Bowtie, Let Me Show You

Each bowtie comes packaged with one business card containing contact info, as well as one instructional card teaching one how to tie a bowtie.