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The day my son was born was the day that I chose to become much more of a man. Since then I have made it my due diligence to be there and teach my son many of things in which I was not taught as a young boy. One of those things consisted of tying a bow tie. Personally, I know many of men who know not the art of tying their own bow tie. My son will not be one of them and now, neither will you. Nor any child nor any woman and yes women can wear bow ties as well. With Bowties Brunson we all can achieve the goal of learning to tie a bow tie, which will both make you feel accomplished, as well as look it. - Brunson 

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"Dots Velour"

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Exclusiveness / Rarity

Having Bowties By Brunson is like owning a Bugatti, when and if you see one, heads turn and questions come after. When and if you see someone else in a Bugatti, words need no to be spoken!

Limited Edition Collection

Bowties By Brunson?

“If anybody knows Brunson, you know with him you’re going to get somebody new, something unique. Something that’s going to make you stand out”. - Wendy

What is Bowties By Brunson?

"An unorthodox approach to who wears, how to wear and when to wear a bowtie". - Monique

What’s different about Bowties By Brunson?

“People look up to Brunson. They say he wears a bowtie to any and everything, that’s different and it inspires other people to be different as well”. - Deron

Why Bowties By Brunson

"It is nice to be apart of a movement and to support someone that I know who is trying to better his community". - Venice

For the culture collection

"Well Brunson, do women even wear bowties"?

Do they? Let me show you

"What if you aren't a pro at tying a bowtie"?

I will teach you how to become a pro

Practice makes perfect

The more you find yourself wearing Bowties By Brunson, the more of a pro you become.